Donation Request

If you are requesting a donation for your organization you are at the right place. Please be aware and understand a few things.


1. We typically only give to non profit or not for profit organizations.

2. We only donate when the use of the donation is to generate cash for the organization

3. We are limited on how much we can give away.

4. If you are requesting a donation you must do it by e-mail at


There is a big misconseption that everything we donate to a 501c3 we can write off. Unfortunately that is not the case and we are not able to write off the value of the donation which means it costs us cold hard cash for the fuel, labor and other expenses of doing business to donate to your organization.


Please also understand that we get requests every single day 5 days a week and while we realize that most requests are valid and are for worthwhile causes we just can't donate to every single request. 


Finally, please understand that a request for a free bus on a Friday or Saturday night will be immediately denied. We only have 2 primary nights to make a profit in this kind of business and if we donate a bus for one of those nights 50% of the gross revenue for that bus for that week is gone.


There are times that we are not able to donate the entire bus for free but if the organization really needs or wants the services you will have the opportunity to have the use of the bus for the cost of fuel and driver. Let me assure you that our costs are much higher for that but again, we want to help out as much as we possibly can.





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